Saturday, 14 June 2008

Which city are you?

Online quizzes are usually a waste of time, and thinking the same somewhat of this CNN quiz. Here, you answer a series of questions and it tells you which city you most "resemble" or match. I had a slight fear it would ask me my age, what my normal routine was, and would then tell me my ideal city was somewhere like Eastbourne or Clacton.

But, for a change, there was for me one standout option in every multiple-choice round. So, with some optimism, the result it returned was:


"Fashion-loving"? No. Maybe "fashion observing", but I take great pride in spending less than £150 a year (sometimes less than £100) on clothes. Nearly every day I'm wearing a bundle of clothes from a sale in The Gap store in Santa Monica several years ago (that was a cost-effective suitcase to fill and bring back - and a years worth of clothes shopping in less than 20 minutes). Partly because clothes are well down the priority list, and partly because clothes shopping in the US is a far less stressful experience than in the UK.

Gadgets, bars, eats, over the curve - yes, that's more like it.

Putting in anti-answers to tease out the least-likely city (in the suspected limited database of answers) returns Rio de Janeiro, which is a bit disappointing. Rio is on the list of places I want to visit over the next few years, and I hope that even though am definitely not "the life and soul of the world's party" it'll be enjoyable.

(Thinks) it would be good to devise a variation on this a la "Which Scottish or Hebridean island are you?".

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  1. I gave it a go. I was actually kind of hoping for Japan. Alas, I'm New York.