Monday, 9 June 2008

Wii Fit in the Outer Hebrides

Wasn’t expecting this. After yesterday’s post about the Wii Fit, more residents of the Outer Hebrides (some I know, some I don’t) have emailed to say they’ve purchased one as well.

The take-up of this particular piece of Nintendo magic is perhaps not surprising. A few unlikely people I know in North Uist – middle-aged and avowed non-video game players - have recently obtained a Wii and Wii Fit. What’s interesting is that both of them don’t see the Wii Fit, or the Wii for that matter, as a video game platform. One sees it as an antitode to “rubbish television”, another to help lose weight and tone up after having children.

But it was pleasing to see emails from Lewis people this morning who’ve got the Wii Fit and are starting out:
"It took time getting here. It's more difficult than we thought it would be; how on earth did the person in the video get the perfect football score? ... I've been playing it all weekend and cannot move my head that fast. Impossible?"

"Our's turned up last week, so we spent the weekend bowling and playing tennis.

I started the fitness programme, and was duly told I was obese. The wife is working on it this morning before coming in, but I am not allowed to see details of her BMI etc."

"I liked the pictures. It’s quite hard in places ... we haven’t gotten around to having other people over yet. When we are good at it, maybe then."

...and one from the Uists:
"Our cat sleeps on it at night, after my husband has played it. She must have no sense of smell."

As an afterthought, on Lewis there is the long-running controversy on whether the Sports Centre should open on a Sunday, or not. See [1] [2] [3] [4].  I wonder if the lack of sporting - and other - facilities for half of the weekend has influenced any people in purchasing the Wii Fit, so they have an exercise option (especially when the weather is bad)?

Continuing from yesterday, perhaps also there should be a few of these set up in the Comhairle in Stornoway? During lunch breaks, and in bad weather when even a walk into Stornoway is unappealing, a quick go on the Wii Fit could provide a free and easy way for staff to unwind, as well as obtain a mood-raising burst of endorphins and an opportunity to socialise, bond and network away from desks.

Americans used to have their "watercoolers" to congregate around, network and share "soft" information and gossip; Hebridean folk who work in offices could have the Wii Fit? 

Here's someone showing how the snowboarding activity should be done. Now, this is cool; I can't get anywhere near this time; going fast and I overshoot some of the flags in the middle third and can't recover:


I'm guessing more agile people with a higher centre of gravity (read: less plumper) can recover and change direction quicker. Bah.

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  1. We live in Ness Lewis. We have the fit board. Its okay but I find tennis and bowling in wii sports more fun.