Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Tesco opens in the Outer Hebrides

Tesco opened their store this morning in Stornoway at 8am. Like them or loathe them, Tesco are difficult to ignore. Online news coverage followed quickly, sometimes without proofreading:

...and here's the first review by an Outer Hebrides resident / shopper / blogger, who also does a price comparison:

Some residents took pictures. A few from David Heggie of the inside. Hmmm, bitter at 25p 6.25p a can?





And one of the outside from Bluewave:


From emails and forum postings it appears to have been very busy today, as the branch was which opened in Shetland last week. Some of this will slacken off when the initial curiosity has gone, but it will be interesting to see any effects on shopping demographics, and whether calls will start for this particular branch to open on Sundays.

No video's on YouTube or Flickr yet from inside Tesco in Stornoway, but daresay someone will do one soon!




Saturday, 19 July 2008

2008 Berneray 10K run

The annual Berneray 10K, organised by Mr Ross and helped by many others, took place earlier this afternoon on Berneray. In typical Hebridean style, the runners encountered just about every weather condition apart from tornado on their run around the island.

The start took place on Berneray machair, just south of Loch Brusda. Here's the view of the start from atop Borve Hill, just as a gale was getting up:

A quick sprint down the hill to the Nurse's Cottage water station, in time to see the leader power up the road through Backhill:


Soon, other runners started to appear. As sun gave way to cloud, rain, then the umpteenth shower, the main pack of runners came through:



There are a set of pictures showing Roslyn MacPherson completing the course in 0:59:04. 

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Otterly baking hot

It's yet another warm to hot day here, and am catching up on pictures by Scotproof from around Berneray of late. Here's a few from around the west beach:




Friday, 11 July 2008

Signs in Stockholm

Numbers again: now back from 50th trip abroad, and 22nd trip to Scandinavia. This one was a week in mainly Stockholm, with a few trips out to the archipelago, Uppsala and Nykoping.

Oddly, the predominant theme of this work/holiday combination was "signs". On one of the outdoor walkways by the Stockholm waterfront was an exhibition of wacky signs from around the world. There were a lot of them, and I've put pictures of my favourites on Flickr. Here's a sampler of four:





A wander through the heatwave a few days later brought me to a square where many people were doodling away with coloured pens. Turned out to be Google, holding an outdoor event where people could create and submit a logo. Around the square, in Google-logo emblazened deckchairs, tourists and locals sat around, trying to shield from the relentless sun while working on their idea for a future graphic for the search engine website.



Wandering and using the transport systems, it was interesting to notice the wonkiness of many commercial and public-oriented signs, in terms of their translation. On the (superb) Stockholm underground, several of the English languages signs would have had proofreaders gritting their teeth. Above the ground, things aren't much better; here's one sign on the waterfront:


Also, "300 meters to the right" puts the ticket-purchaser in the middle of the water, but never mind. Though in fairness, their level of English is a hell of a lot better than my level of Swedish. 

But the best sign of all was in the hotel I stayed in. On the outside and inside of the lift was this:


Think about it. Either:

  1. There'd been an unusual and bizarre accident in a lift, involving a wheelie-bin, or

  2. Someone in Swedish Health and Safety has a vivid imagination.

Either way, this is just the kind of thing which you find in Korean/Japanese horror films. I await the first celluloid wheelie-bin-in-lift death.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Traigh Ghearadha

Sunset on this beach north east of Stornoway.


Picture by Flickr user Milouvision.