Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Tesco opens in the Outer Hebrides

Tesco opened their store this morning in Stornoway at 8am. Like them or loathe them, Tesco are difficult to ignore. Online news coverage followed quickly, sometimes without proofreading:

...and here's the first review by an Outer Hebrides resident / shopper / blogger, who also does a price comparison:

Some residents took pictures. A few from David Heggie of the inside. Hmmm, bitter at 25p 6.25p a can?





And one of the outside from Bluewave:


From emails and forum postings it appears to have been very busy today, as the branch was which opened in Shetland last week. Some of this will slacken off when the initial curiosity has gone, but it will be interesting to see any effects on shopping demographics, and whether calls will start for this particular branch to open on Sundays.

No video's on YouTube or Flickr yet from inside Tesco in Stornoway, but daresay someone will do one soon!





  1. Teun Buitenheim23 July 2008 at 17:22

    OK, it blasted away the nice little cornershops in het centre of for example Stow-on-the-Wold (Cotswolds), but as a shop,the concept, Tescos is a damned good one! Like to hear what you Islanders think of it, how it will effect your local economy. Says a fan and frequent visitor of the United Kingdom!Teun

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  3. 25p per can? No no no - although it was more than likely a mistake, it cost me 25p for the four-pack. And at 6.25p per can, I'll drink anything.

  4. Western Aisles, headline of the year!!

  5. Some good news for you on prices. I've just taken Bluewave's shopping list to our local Tesco in the heart of England and with the exception of the bread all prices were identical. Further details on Bluewave's blog.Probably not such good news on petrol. Tesco now charge 113.9p a litre for unleaded with a further 5p a litre off if you spend £50 in store. Do I see a demand for a Tesco petrol station up there?

  6. 113.9 for petrol? Jeez, it was 129.6p yesterday at Manor, Stornoway. I for one welcome our new global retail giant overlords.

  7. Even the ardent coop fanatics have benefited from tesco. Coop prices are in check now. They should be a little more greatful.

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