Monday, 6 October 2008

Pictures on the Berneray calendar

I've mentioned (okay, plugged!) the Isle of Berneray 2009 calendar before. These have been purchased by people in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China and a few other countries (though only two so far in Scotland).

Calendar sales are appreciated, as the couple of US dollars royalty we get from each one (Cafepress get the rest) go towards the hosting and domain costs of the Berneray website.

A few questions have come in, which are answered here:

1. Why is there a scarecrow on top of a hill?

That's the June picture:


That's the one Duncan from the Post Office put atop Sandhill. It's there because lambs were being born and taken literally straight away by large birds. (Yes, not all of nature is pretty).

2. Who took the pictures?

Ruth - Scotproof on Flickr - took all of them. You can find most of them in her set of Berneray pictures (there's currently 302 in there) on Flickr.

3. Where is the beach?

That's the February picture. It's the west beach of Berneray:


The picture was taken on February 13th - so, you can get good beach walking weather and scenery all year round.

4. Can I alter the events on the calendar?

Afraid not. Cafepress, the US-based Print On Demand shop who sell these online, hard print in the events; we can't edit them. Christmas, New Year's Eve and others will be familiar to many, but think of it as an education, finding out (if you don't know already) on what dates Chanukah and Kwanzaa fall on.

5. Whos is that jumping on the last picture, and where is it?

On the December picture, that's our neighbour Eilidh Carr who was recently 16:


She's jumping on top of Borve Hill, Berneray. That's Harris in the background that she appears to be jumping over. This picture also featured on the BBC website earlier in 2008.

Most of the pictures from the calendar are also on other products in the Berneray online shop, such as t-shirts, mugs, greetings cards and postcards. As with the calendar, every sale contributes a US dollar or two towards keeping the Berneray website going; thanks.


  1. the feb photo is stunning, congrats to the photographer, can i please use it on my blog giving credit to the photographer?toodles

  2. Hi, i've just stumbled across this site via Mo's blog. Stunning photos and great to read about the Outer Hebrides. I'll be back. All the best Border Reiver

  3. I'd just like to recommend the calendars.I've bought one and just ordered another as Xmas gifts. They are of good quality, lovely pictures and surely it's better to send some of your cash Berneray's way rather than lining the pockets of Waterstones, Amazon or such like if you need a calendar for 2009!