Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Day 2008

My fifth Christmas as a resident of the Outer Hebrides. The pictures on this entry are taken from a larger set.

Things really kick off the evening before, when many people open presents from each other. Last minute baking et al is also done, so here's what the kitchen has been looking like for the last few days:

kitchen factory

Christmas day itself started with the usual; the last of the present opening, and the remainder of the cards. There's definitely an American-theme with my presents this year, and the opening took place next to the Credit Crunch Christmas Tree (compare to last years):

Credit crunch tree

Of the dozen or so trees I've seen in Berneray houses this Christmas, the best one is probably that belonging to Donald, Nico and Cassandera. Here's a picture of it I took this Christmas Day afternoon:

Tree of Donald

Then it was time to prepare and despatch Palin the Goose to the oven, then off for a Christmas Day walk. I dropped in at the houses of two residents who otherwise would be unlikely to see anyone today. The walk took me past the "Santa in the sleigh", parked next to the tree at the Nurses Cottage:

Santa at the Nurses Clinic

Being increasingly Pagan in nature, I did the usual Christmas Day thing of visiting a stone circle, this one being on Sunhill. From here, I can look across to the house:

Pagan stone circle and Backhill

... returning to which, it was time to extract Palin from the oven, and have a most excellent (best of the five) Christmas day dinner of goose, all the trimmings, and a splash of vino.

Christmas day dinner

Afterwards? I'll skip the Queen's speech as she is stuck doing it using banal last century technology. When she does it properly e.g. Twittering under the @liz2nd moniker, then I'll take it seriously. Instead I did what an increasing number of (sensible) Brits do, and hunt for bargains in the Christmas online sales:

Online shopping

I hope your Christmas day is as equally satisfying and relaxing.

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