Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Dear President-elect Barack Obama

Good luck, mate. Because if this is what teachers have to resort to in US schools, then you have one heck of a massive problem to fix.


I wonder what Prez in The Wire would have done?

After-thought. Test scores won't depend solely on knowledge. They'll depend at least partially on the ability of the child to ignore non-test distractions on the exam paper. Fail, and ironically you could end up working in a McJob for one of those companies...


  1. I'm trying not sound like a luddite but it also shows how dependent we are on photocopying (which is also very environmentally unfriendly...). I mean my maths teacher never copied a page. Having said that, I'm an English teacher copying excessively.On the other hand, when you have a limited budget, you must be innovative, so why not?

  2. i believe that Barack Obama is the president that the US needs in these hard times. I do not like the local and foreign policy of any Rebublican.