Sunday, 4 January 2009

The reindeer and the stone circle

Another coincidence.

I was looking for an icon of a reindeer to incorporate into this website. A few searches on Flickr turned up the perfect one, combining the animal with the RSS logo (on the end of its nose). And the picture is under the Creative Commons licence, so it was installed:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="354" caption="Icon by Dr Cole Henley"]Icon by Dr Cole Henley[/caption]

The coincidence part? The creator of the reindeer icon used to be an archaeologist, and his PhD was on the Neolithic of the Outer Hebrides. And so several years ago, he spent some time here on Berneray doing, well, whatever archaeologists do. While here, he took some pictures, of which this is one of many he has put onto Flickr:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Picture by Dr Cole Henley"]Picture by Dr Cole Henley[/caption]

The picture shows Norman on his croft on Sunhill. He is standing in front of one of the stones in the circle that can be seen from much of the eastern side of the island.

The picture was taken on November 1st 2001, the field trip being postponed from that summer due to foot and mouth. The largest size version of the picture is of particular interest as it shows much of Backhill and some of Church Road in detail.

Surprisingly, perhaps, very little has changed between then and now. There's a wind turbine, and a few residents have different cars, but that's about it (unless am missing anything?). My house is just out of shot a few to the left of the picture.

Wonder what the odds of that are, that the person who designed the reindeer icon I use has previously visited Berneray.

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