Sunday, 17 May 2009

Life in colour

Third of four batches from the family archive.

Someone else who I recognise but cannot name, and my mom, tying up onions at the driveway at the top of the house. This must have been the late 60s or early 70s, as I don't remember that shed being there:


My mom again, making jam in the kitchen of our house. Several thousand jars of 15 varieties, each year for nearly 40 years.


Me (bad hair decade - see also next picture) and my cooler first cousin Andrew. We only seem to meet at weddings and funerals nowadays, but ironically have probably passed each other in a conference hotel in Chicago without realising it. Andrew's got a young son now, Charlie.


My grandmother, on my moms side, and me, in front of one of the pickle stalls. I shot up to nearly full height when I was very young (old school pictures of me always have me dominating on the back row).


Final set of pictures tomorrow.

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