Monday, 14 December 2009

Thailand, that is not your beach...

A hurried blog entry while I wait at Heathrow for the plane to Chicago.

If I was (sort of) going in the other direction, I'd end up at the hotter location of Thailand, a country with lots of glorious beaches. But seemingly, rather less photographers...

Google Alerts pops up website where Berneray is recently mentioned; this one in particular came up last night. The blogger noticed that the picture wasn't of Kai Bae beach, but, erm of the west beach of Berneray in the Outer Hebrides. True, there are some similarities; great sand, unpolluted sea. But also some differences; if you swam off both beaches, you would very quickly realise what one of them is.

The particular picture looked very familiar, and lo and behold; it's one I took several years ago, put on the Berneray website, and forgot about.

West beach of Berneray, NOT a beach off an island in Thailand.

And it's now been lifted by the National Park Information Centre of Kok Chang island as a bit of "Hope they don't notice it's not really our local beach" advertising.


Maybe I should work my way to Kok Chang island, take some pictures, and put them in an Outer Hebrides gallery. Think anyone would notice?


I sent details of this to Angus the Stornoway blogger. He duly blogged it, local newsies such as the Hebridean News, then more national news organisations, started to pick it up, as well as umpteen blogs, forums, media scopers and bitty websites.

Press coverage has so far included:


...and it's gone international. A Swedish newspaper have done a piece, though my name appears to have changed to Jim. I've also declined an interview with a Fox News affiliate as it's getting a little silly now.

Best coverage in terms of proper attribution and fact presentation is the Daily Mail. Worst is the BBC. Who'd a thought it?

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