Thursday, 28 October 2010

Bostin translation and other #birminghamremakes

Twitter is often beautiful in throwing up one of those silly tags which leads to a lot of people being creative. Back in the summer one such tag was #birminghamremakes - film or TV titles with a tweak here and there to fit in the name of a Birmingham location. As a few pedants lacking in humour pointed out, some of the places were outside Birmingham, being elsewhere in the West Midlands, but whatever.

Humour is a subjective thing, but out of the many submissions piling onto twitter late afternoon, here's some of my favourites, with links back to the original tweets. These range from the genius, to the cringeworthy. If you have no familiarity with Birmingham or the West Midlands, you won't get any of these; best to move on...

Bostin Powers

Snow Hill and the Severn Dwarves

Quinton of Solace

Total Rednal

Debbie does Darlaston

The Good, the Bad and the Dudley

We Will Alum Rock You

Duddeston, where's my car?

The Bourneville Identity

Charlie and the Custard Factory

Shirley Valentine

Pearl Harbourne

Bostin' Translation

Brum and Brummer

Hall Green was my Valley

The Good, the Bad and the Oldbury

Handsworth of God

Five Ways to Leave your Lover

Top Brum

Weoley Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Three Men and a Little Ladywood

My Fair Ladywood

I Spit on your Gravelly Hill

Dudley Zoolander

The Taking of Pershore 123

Mr Smith goes to Wolverhampton

The Harborne Ultimatum

Edgbaston of Darkness

The Whole 9 Yardley

Stirchley Valentine

Jurassic Sparkhill

Bordesley Malone

The Great Train Rubery

Once Sutton a time in the West

All About Evesham (now, that *is* pushing it geographically :-) )

Lichfield of Dreams

Slade Runner

Some like it Hockley

Ladywood and the Tramp

A Longbridge too far

You've Got Mailbox

20,000 Leagues Rotunda the Sea

Pebble Mill on the Floss

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Paradise Forum

The Darling Buds of Maypole

This is Spinal Tap & Spile

Harborne of the Dead

Lickey Hills Cop

Drag me to Solihull

The Wizard of Tiswas

Touchwood Scissorhandsworth

The Longbridge Good Friday

The Lion, Redditch and the Wardrobe

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