Saturday, 1 September 2012

One whole orbit of the sun

It's the first of September. Feels like autumn. There's been a distinct chill in the evening air the last few nights, and the first snows have fallen in Scotland.

I was planning to write the usual long, self-indulgent, post about the last year, all of which I've spent in England. And peculiarly, during which I've hardly travelled. Two trips to London, a few into the neighbouring county of Worcestershire, and as far west as Bridgnorth on a steam train. And that's been it (from someone who has been abroad 61 times to date).

But as I've started to type, have realised my heart isn't in it today. Or rather, it's more in working on developing work stuff, especially Silversprite and creating more ebook-ready content. And that's probably a good, better, healthier desire than blogging for the sake of blogging (whatever that is). Another time.

Wishing you a productive autumn.

Healthy dessert

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