Friday, 9 May 2014

The here and the now

I'm sitting in a chair, in someone else's apartment, in an English market town. This abode is near the centre, close to the parish church; but, despite the road outside, it's surprisingly quiet. This place is not home, and it is not permanent, but it will more than "do", for now.

I have reliable and fast wifi. I have a small but comfortable place to stay for a little while, with a good housemate. I have a little spare cash in the bank, and opportunities to make more. Both body and mind are healthier than they have been for a long while. The continued identification, and jettisoning, of bad habits, though processes and people, is a large part of this.

This is the first time in five years - half a decade - I have lived in England but not Birmingham. Retrospectively, it is good to wrench myself out of big city suburban living, and reside in a place where hills, more natural fields, and surrounding countryside without the march of house estates are all visible. It's a reminder that if I have another period of living in the UK, I should try and make it a border town; somewhere with amenities, but also in and surrounded by good countryside. Hay-on-Wye or Bridgenorth; somewhere like that. And not the terminally traffic-choked, endlessly suburban, city.

There are exactly eight weeks until the 4th of July. Papa allegedly wrote The Old Man and the Sea in eight weeks. I will not write a classic book in this time period, but it would be good to get a lot of useful things done and see where I am (in several senses of the phrase) then.

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