Saturday, 19 March 2016

How to use a modem

From a suburban British house in 1984, Julian (password: 1234) demonstrates a modem while Pat (seemingly not allowed to touch the keyboard) lists her uses of the "communal" BBC Micro. Turn on your recorders as this TV clip ends with a data transmission! But how, in bygone online times, have modems been used...

Random pictures:
* A Minicom IV from Zork I and a modem inside a telephone.
* 1958! from Techradar's a history of modems.
* Radio Shack hardware from a Vintage Computer Forum discussion on Are dial-up modems useful for anything?.

Some modem uses from back in the day:
- A Livermore Model B modem is used to connect to a remote UNIX system. Features a Teletypewriter in action.
- In 1985, The Computer Chronicles features modems, bulletin boards, telecommuting, and The Well.
- A few tricks for getting old laptops back online.

More random pictures:
* A naked coupler from Hackaday Retro Edition: Hackadaying at 300 baud.
* The 307 from SQUEEEEE! Microsoft goes retro with pay-by-squawk NFC tech.
* The AT&T Sceptre Videotex Terminal from Vintage Computing and Gamings retro scan of the week Gather 'Round the Videotex.

And more modem uses that remind of vintage online times:
- What does "modem" mean? Commodore C64 man will explain.
- The harsh sound of a Commodore C64 dialup using a Model 1670 1200bps Modem.
- In which Marmalade the cat is undisturbed by his owner dialling up a 1988 BBS (one hour a day maximum usage).

More random pictures:
* Anderson Jacobson coupler from BT pulls the plug on 56K dial-up.
* 28.8 PC Card Fax Modem from Circuit City Flyer - July, 1996 and What Black Friday Looked Like in 1996.
* General DataComm modem from Zenotron on Mystery Circuits.

Previously on MetaFilter:
- Dynamic spectrogram of dial-up modem handshake sounds.
- Imagine turning on your home computer to read the newspaper!
- 300 baud of awesome in a wooden box.
- More modem sounds, linked from a comment by loquacious.
- From this post, Connecting IBM 5155 (IBM portable) to the web.
- From 2007, not_on_display describes DiversiDial.
- From 2006, GuyZero introduces Telidon.

Some more random pictures:
* Konex acoustic coupler from a forum thread about landline phone recorders.
* 300 baud modem from My First PC Weighed 25 Pounds.
* 110 Baud Modem from SCS's 110 Baud Modem which is part of William Bader's IT museum online gallery.

Bonus! YouTube user "Most relaxing sounds and videos" brings us 60 minutes of dial-up modem sounds, noise, 56k, and old internet connections.

[Originally a MetaFilter post]

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