Thursday, 14 April 2016

Scrape it off, I scrape it off...

Take a large wheel of cheese. Cut it. Melt an edge of it under a grill. Scrape, scrape, scrape and pour over potatoes. Enjoy.

Welcome to the world of Raclette, historically known as Bratchäs or "roasted cheese." Once a staple of the campfire food of Swiss cow herders, Raclette is now a centrepiece of relaxed continental European social dining.

* An Austrian advert features cheese being poured onto bread.
* Meanwhile in Québec, Canada.
* In a New York restaurant, cheese is being melted...

 ..."The chef at Raclette stood by the table, holding a great half wheel of warmed cheese that had started to blister and bubble along its exposed diameter. He tilted it, pressed a long knife to the top and scraped down. The cheese seemed to shrug, the melted surface giving way like the side of a mountain coming undone." - the New York Times review of that restaurant.

* A grill with triangular cheese-melting trays.
* More grilling cheese in tiny trays (warning: excessive accordion).
* A Dutchman demonstrates both the wheel of cheese and the tiny tray methods of Raclette.

 Raclette is not the same as fondue, where food is dipped into molten cheese. This, for example, is a Swiss cheese fondue. Here is one in a lonely restaurant, here is a six cheese fondue, and here is a mini cheese fondue.

* Some Hi-NRG melting with ferocious bubbling.
* A hyperchef does some messy outdoor melting.
* Getting trippy with red wine and meats.

Deeper into the cheese vortex: the Cheeses of Europe video collection on Vimeo. Also, Cheesesushi.

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