Monday, 11 April 2016

To the top of the hill and back

Another 11.5 miles ticked off in the project of walking/hiking 1,000+ miles between when the clocks go forward, and when they go back (wherever I am in the northern hemisphere when that happens) this year. Though now I've said that, I've probably jinxed it and I'll break my leg tomorrow.

Today's observations included a crow which coughed (bird flu?), the last of the bluebells in local woods, a busy woodcarver, evidence of neolithic activity now I know where to look, a tree that, for some reason, seems to bend gently forwards and quietly sigh in a sinister manner when the sun is behind it, apparently docile cattle (though I never trust them), that there are few places you can hike to in rural England on a Sunday without there being a !@£$ ice cream van endlessly playing a banal tune nearby, and people who squeeze themselves into full hiking gear but park as close as they can to the top of a hill so it's a two minute adventure for them, after which they reward themselves with a reverse-liposuction thing in a cone from the !@£$ ice cream van.

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